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**Coronavirus (COVID-19) update** 

March 1, 2023:  Thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding as we do our best to keep everyone healthy and safe!  Please see our latest COVID protocols in our 11/10/22 update letter here: 


A reminder for all members if you haven’t already done so, to please place your fundraiser orders with the office by Thu., March 23rd.  We respectfully ask all members to participate so that we may continue to have a place to gather and participate in variety of activities.  As our primary fundraiser, all proceeds directly support our operational and maintenance costs, and every contribution is deeply appreciated!


We’re participating again with Zippy’s and Cookie Corner, and suggested member orders are a set of 12 bags of cookies ($10ea) and 12 Zippy’s tickets ($10ea), for a total of $240, or a donation of $100.  Drive-thru pickup will be held at the Center on Sat., April 8, 2023.

Please also feel free to share our fundraiser flyer with others:  2023 KC Spring Fundraiser Flyer

Thank you in advance for all of your support!

Please also see our newsletter for more information.
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