**Coronavirus (COVID-19) update** 

May 28, 2020:  The office temporary closure is extended through at least June 30, and all Kapahulu Center programs and activities continue to be temporarily suspended until further notice.  We greatly appreciate your understanding, support, and cooperation as we do our best to keep everyone healthy!

2020 Kapahulu Center Annual Spring Fundraiser


(updated 5/28/20)

Per the June 2020 newsletter, please complete and return the fundraiser questionnaire that will be mailed/emailed to members who have tickets, and placed or paid for orders. They can be returned via mail to the center at 3410 Campbell Ave, Hon., HI 96815. Members have shared that they’d still like to support and receive their orders of cookies/popcorn, so we’ll be taking orders down, and will also hopefully be supporting in return both Cookie Corner and Kettle Corn HI during these challenging times.

Although the office continues to be temporarily closed, mail will still be checked and processed regularly, and voice messages on the office phone (737-1748) will continue to be received and returned regularly.

Thank you again for your continued support, cooperation, and understanding as well all do our part, and do our best, to help keep our community safe and healthy!

2020 Kapahulu Center Bon Dance Festival

(updated 5/28/20)

Per the June 2020 newsletter, similar to many other Bon Dances this season and the 2020 Okinawan Festival, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel our annual Bon Dance.  As noted by others, it was difficult, but the right thing to do given the huge health and safety concerns for both the center and our wider community.  On the bright side, we look forward to being super prepared for next year, 2021!

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